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Leon Scott Kennedy
Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm a real lover of movies and videogames. I'm also an English teacher, and I love my job. In my free times, I like writing Resident Evil stories, because its saga is still amazing. For working on renders, I mainly work on color edits, as you observed in the Citroen CX pictures, I applied this car on my pictures because of a video by Grace Jones, so those works were saved in my GIMP projects.

I really admire the work of my most loyal friends

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Hi, guys. It's me again.

I'm gonna take another cool break of speed battles, two ones more. And now, in this break. I'm gonna prepare a special folder based on the history of the most popular games of Resident Evil, since the first version up to 'Revelations 2', as a tribute for this very powerful saga of survival horror, as this game has given me good memories since having my first PSOne console.

The history of Resident Evil has remarked different contexts about how people get obsessed with science, seeing how the world has slowly been dying with crazy experiments, producing not only zombies and crazy people, but checking out several kinds of abominations, and ambitious minds that want to rule the world. So this project carries out with some excelent fanarts using XPS.

Please wait a little more...
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: VG OST's
  • Reading: The Da Vinci Code
  • Watching: TV and Movies
  • Playing: Resident Evil ORC (XBOX360)
  • Eating: A lot of fruits and cereals
  • Drinking: Coffee with Milk


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Stripping Sitting by Leon5cottKennedy
Stripping Sitting
Here our victorious Tina gives us a pose that is really sexy and the green chair gives it a really hot moment. And resting a little bit of rides I'm making a kinda miniproject using chairs and different female models that I really like, I'm inviting people to give good comments about this idea.

Tina sits in a French style chair and still wearing a race-queen attire, the one she used in a previous race in the Speed Battle, so she's pleasing her fans with this pose, showing us her sexy legs and pretty naked feet, and looking at the camera in a humble expression, so the white empty room is the perfect enviroment for this instant.

Pose by :iconffsf01:
Background edited with GIMP 2.0 by me
Model Tina by :iconsticklove:
Worked with XNA XPS
Speed Battle Semifinal 2 08 by Leon5cottKennedy
Speed Battle Semifinal 2 08

After they had a long talk about the ending race and Nina congrats Tina for the winning race, Nina met Tina at the beach, so she showed her something cool for the final race with Zafina.

‘Here you are, Tina. This is my surprise for you, my Skyline GT-R R32. This ride ride guarantees your victory with Zafina for the final race. I hope you to make a good use of it’, Nina invited Tina to sit in the driver’s place.

‘Amazing! This car looks awesome. It’s beautiful. Don’t worry, Nina. I prose you to get this final race for you to get Zafina. You know this is going to be my second chance to race with her. I always loved to drive this car, it looks so sexy, and smells delicious. I’m gonna train so hard before the race’, Tina said excited.

‘Glad you like it, here are the keys to the car, the car is yours now, make sure u take care of it alright, these type of cars are really rare that u dont see much around in the areas and cities too’.

‘Are you sure? I mean, thank you so much Nina for letting me having this cool car and I will definitely take care of this car for sure, it will be in my garage all times! I cant wait to drive this car and see how fast I can redline it too, hehe’.

‘Now go home, take a rest, and next week you’ll find Zafina, face her for the Final race... the Gold trophy is waiting for you for the Victory, Tina! Good luck, I’ll be there to watch the final race too, I’m not missing this one’.

‘Yes! It’s my time to go to find Zafina and race her in the Finals! I know I’m not be beating her easy, but I will find a way to get that Gold Trophy to claim my prize victory!’

‘I like the way you say this, Tina. Take care out there and come back to see me when you won the Final race, ok?

Tina thanked Nina after getting the ride at her hands, and Nina smiled at her after hearing some motivation words. The girls went to the streets, testing the ride.

Directed By :iconxsakuyachan510x:

Nina :iconsticklove:
Mazda Miata MX-5 :iconnoonenothing:
Tina :icondragonlord720:
Lancia Fulvia :iconremandel:
Worked with XNA XPS and edits with XNA XPS.

Speed Battle Semifinal 2 07 by Leon5cottKennedy
Speed Battle Semifinal 2 07

As the race came to its end, Nina called Tina to meet up with each other in the park, she congratulates her opponent and recognizes in her how fast and skilful Tina has become, and her dream to race with Zafina will be soon., self-gaining her 3rd position in this Speed Battle. There’s a hand shake with a short conversation, a little exchange of words.

‘Hi, Nina. Well… uh… I didn’t expect to win another race and it feels great to win, too. He he…’, Tina said nervously.

‘Just don’t worry, you won fair and square, sweetie. I lost this race. I almost had you though, it was very close to the finishing line too. Anywere your ride got lucky. Just relax, I’m not mad at you’, Nina answered smiling.

‘Yeah, Nia. You were right beside me, and I thought u were gonna get me again like dust, I’m really terrified with your ride... but I dunno what happen after that. I saw your car just slowed down or something happen to your car, maybe?’

‘You see, my car broke down, actually my engine blew up since it couldn’t handle too much power... I’ve installed a Twin Turbo system in it, some parts were so vulnerable for it. This was my secret. And this is a lesson in my life, not to be so proud’.

Tina also told Nina the Fulvia was strictly reformed with a Turbocharged system, so Mila (her girlfriend) spent more than 300 thousand in an old engine, and the ride had an excellent performance, seeing it was the plan b she had to catch Nina up, and there the chance to hit gas pedal was. So the race finished with a peaceful relation and Tina invited Nina for another race some other day. So Nina asked Tina to go to her garage the next day, she has a present for Tina.

Directed By :iconxsakuyachan510x:

Nina :iconsticklove:
Mazda Miata MX-5 :iconnoonenothing:
Tina :icondragonlord720:
Lancia Fulvia :iconremandel:
Worked with XNA XPS and edits with XNA XPS.

Speed Battle Semifinal 2 06 by Leon5cottKennedy
Speed Battle Semifinal 2 06

Nina recognizes Tina’s win but she feels terribly frustrated after being beat by a considered rookie opponent. As her car broke down, Nina reduces her speed, wondering why the engine blew up, possibly because it didn’t stand much power as she injected in the Twin Turbo system. Tina got the biggest victory ever hoped, defeating a veteran racer, and even dedicating it to her girlfriend, Mila.

Tina looks back while she sees the Finishing Line up ahead to end this race and win it to go to the Finals.

‘There’s the finishing line up ahead! It looks like I finally won and beat Nina this race for sure! Too bad Nina, you thought u had me, but I guess not, hehe.. Final race hear I come baby!!’, Tina yells excitedly.

‘Oh, my. I would’ve won this race. I was so close to the Finish line… so close… but I messed it up all… Anyway this is another lesson in my life… I’m so arrogant… I must learn from my opponents, they mustn’t be underestimated… Okay, I’m resting the car a little bit, so I can return home’, Nina said when stopping her Miata.

Tina gets happier after defeating a proficient driver as Nina, and her decisive race is coming in a few days, as she takes a well earned break.

Directed By :iconxsakuyachan510x:

Nina :iconsticklove:
Mazda Miata MX-5 :iconnoonenothing:
Tina :icondragonlord720:
Lancia Fulvia :iconremandel:
Worked with XNA XPS and edits with XNA XPS.

Speed Battle Semifinal 2 05 by Leon5cottKennedy
Speed Battle Semifinal 2 05

The race is getting more exciting and this is like a short track, so both Nina and Tina are with the purpose of racing Zafina in the finals, so the blondes want a revenge from the past, knowing she’s a worthy challenger to face. The environment of the race looks nice and looking it like a trip, seemingly to spend some time with some good friends for a picnic. And now, Tina takes the lead over Nina’s position, and she sees how Tina can dominate the vintage smoggy ride, chuckling as trying to reveal her Miata’s secret, the Twin Turbo for boosting more speed.

‘I think it’s time to end this and dust Nina now, she doesnt know that I have twin turbo on this car of mine as well. Lets gooooo! Floor it baby!! Woooooo!!’, Tina said when she floors the gas pedal down hard again with her sexy bare foot while she shifts gears to her final gear to speed up.

‘You’re not gonna win this race Tina, you hear me!! I will win and face Zafina for the final race! Time to floor my car and dust her car since my car has Twin Turbo baby! Here we go!’, Nina said when clutching and shifting the last gear.

When Nina was shifting and dropping the clutch, she pushed the gas pedal, as the Miata gained speed. But suddenly, something terrible happened to her car, she heard something blowing out of the engine, an annoying noise and some steam coming out the hood, so the car was shaking violently and making a raspy sound. Nina got frustrated as seeing how Tina’s Fulvia gets further in the road, vanishing in her smog.

‘What the…?! Oh no!.. This can’t be!... my engine blew up!...’, Nina said in a boring expression.

‘See ya in the goal line, Nina!! This race is finally mine, baby!! Yupeeeeee!’, Tina celebrated her victory.

‘No, please, car!!.. Don’t do this to me, baby!! Oh! Looks like I lost....’ Nina felt terribly doomed after being defeated by a rookie, she swallowed her words of making Tina smell her smog, now she smells hers, a lesson about arrogance.

Directed By :iconxsakuyachan510x:

Nina :iconsticklove:
Mazda Miata MX-5 :iconnoonenothing:
Tina :icondragonlord720:
Lancia Fulvia :iconremandel:
Worked with XNA XPS and edits with XNA XPS.


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